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Traded with a PayPal scammer before he was banned

penguin sandvich

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I recently purchased an electrostatic blighted beak from a guy named Communist Tim (https://backpack.tf/u/76561198338926134). Now, as you can see, he's been banned for a PayPal scam which (I assume) happened to the item in question. The problem, however, is that he was only marked as DO NOT TRADE (and banned) after I had traded with him.


For reference, I bought the beak on the 20th March, and he was banned yesterday.


Could I be banned for this if it was not obvious he scammed it?

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Pretty sure you won't get banned, since they usually ban for repeated trades with known scammers. A warning is supposed to be given first lest you blatantly did so with full realization. If it wasn't marked yet then i believe it's still good on your end (don't quote me) still just be cautious for activity

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