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Trade Offer Number Meanings

ThatOtherChigga #Mack

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I did not make this, minigiin did.


Original thread: http://bazaar.tf/thread/4484




It's a known fact that steam trade offers gives an error most of the time. This guide will list the most common errors, as well as ways to fix them. I'll add in screenshots and more errors as I go along. this:
almost always never happens, but you get an error, most of time it's errors listed below. error: it just won't work. Just not your day. error(8): you are not logged into steam, refresh the page and try again after logging in

after refreshing
error(16)/error(11)-courtesy of angry rock: the trade went through. refresh the page and the offer will no longer be valid
error(28): the trade is not working because of steam inventory issues. Try later.
error(you cannot trade with [so and so]): refresh the page, restart steam orhttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/tf2bazaar/announcements/detail/1477479091120204234 error(due to steam guard restrictions, you will be unable to trade from this device for 7 days): self explanatory

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Theres also an error 26....not a clue what that is; and error 8? dafuqs that...


And don't forget the sending error:" You cannot send a trade offer to ...." (or whatever it is). 

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I think that 26 means the trade succeeded but Valve messed up the success notification. I don't know. Starting TF2 afterwards always has the items arrive.

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