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Firepowered is ass, and this admin who banned me proved it.


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Explaining this for the 10th time to various people is tiring me out but here goes:


At around ~12:55 EST on 3/17/19, I was banned on firepowered for, what I know now, micspamming. Here’s a picture of the response I got to my ban appeal:




I’ll explain the details of what happened in/before my appeal.


Before I used my mic and got kicked, I was testing my microphone (which was on my earbuds). I noticed that the volume was really low. So low that my friends in my discord call couldn’t hear me. It wasn’t just a problem with Discord settings, so I went to my microphone settings in Windows settings. I noticed that my microphone’s level was set at 34/100, so I set that at 100. I tested my mic again within TF2’s mic test, and it was still too low for me to even hear myself. So, I maxed out the “microphone boost” at the bottom of the options. Little did I know that that would make my mic volume sound like a “Don’t say the n-word!” meme.


When I tested it within the microphone test, I was able to hear myself just fine, so I assumed it was working properly now. I enabled voice chat and asked the server, “Is my mic working?” WIthin 2 seconds I was kicked. No explanation, no warning, not even a message that would normally come with the notification for the kick.


I was kinda pissed off from just this. I immediately rejoined, and after waiting for someone to finish advertising on mic, I asked in these exact words, “Yo, why the fuck was I kicked?” and again, 2 seconds later I was kicked, but also banned. The same pattern continued as I received no explanation, no warning, not even a message that would normally come with the notification for the ban.


Now, after this I was so frustrated I thought of complaining about this to all my friends in all caps saying how whoever banned me should die, but while I did complain to a few of my steam friends, I instead fled 2 things in the Firepowered forums: 1 in the general discussions explaining the situation and 1 in the ban appeal. When I checked my ban appeal, expecting it to be passed, I was shocked at what I saw. The ban appeal was upheld by Scewtch.


I was reading the response to the appeal at an extremely aggravated state, thinking half of the admin’s response was complete bullshit. I asked more of my friends that were on the server at the time and asked them if what the admin was saying was true. While one of them said that he was alt tabbed the time, the others said that while my voice, while really loud, was still audible and understandable. They said that there was no justifiable reason for me to be banned without even a warning.


While I know understand not to underestimate the power of microphone settings, and to properly check my mic levels before using in-game voice chat, I’d argue that this is a complete abuse of admin power, or at least a shit use one’s power. If I were given an explanation about my mic being really bass-boosted/loud I could have easily fixed it without any problems or conflict. But I believe this admin who muted me, giving no warning or explanation until I made a ban appeal, isn’t using their admin power correctly. I’ve had no problems in the past for “micspamming” in Firepowered, so I don’t see that being used to refute my points. And unfortunately, other than the one of the appeal + response, I don’t have any screenshots or recordings, because I don’t record myself trading and when I was kicked and banned there was no message included.


I also don't know how long the mute is for. And I don't know who the admin who banned me was. I also doubt making another ban appeal would do me any good, because it might cement me into a perma ban.


Thank you for reading this far, I hope to get this issue resolved and to get unbanned from Firepowered.


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1 minute ago, Mrs TS said:

What does any of this have to do with backpack.tf?  Not like anyone here can do anything about it.

I can't do anything either. Posting another ban appeal would probably be bad on the Firepowered forums, and this doesn't have to do with backpack.tf, but it does have to do with trading. This is more like a complaint to get out the anger in me. I can honestly wait the ban out but I just wanted to get this out there.

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No, it has absolutely nothing to do with trading. It has to do with you broke their rules. And now should you decide to make another appeal there, when they see you are bad-mouthing them on other community forum boards, they most certainly will not grant you any sort of compassion.

Your best bet would have been to accept their ban, serve your time and be thankful it was only 3 days.   Your anger over the situation is ill placed.

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Hi, I'm one of the head admins at FirePowered. When you submit an unban request, the member of staff who banned you gives their side of the story and one of the admins or head admins will review the appeal and make a decision. It seems in this case you were warned at least once that your mic was extremely loud and incomprehensible on the server, and after you failed to fix it you were banned. If you did not see their warning then I apologize, but at the end of the day you're expected to adhere to what the staff asks when on the server. The best thing to do is submit an unban request and see if that staff member recommends your ban be removed, but regardless, trying to start drama on other communities is never going to help you. If you feel you were the victim of admin abuse you can always contact me directly.

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