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New scam i beleive from a free wheeler site.


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I dont normally post stuff like this but the fact it came from a friend concerns me and ponders me whether to change some security settings....

I havent even checked if that is a scam but this dude aint spoke to me for ages and when that happens well yeah. Nuff said.


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Registrar Registrar of Domain Names REG.RU, LLC
IANA ID: 1606
URL: https://www.reg.ru/
Whois Server: whois.reg.ru
Registrar Status serverTransferProhibited

6 days old
Created on 2019-03-10
Expires on 2020-03-10
Updated on 2019-03-15




Nuff said

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Maybe geel and some other people could come up with some form of modified uBlock list and application. To embed to there logs of the traders. With IP for course. for 10 bucks id want every IP :D Mind you humanity is a long distance to travel and you cannot stop tradgedy that has already happened.


Chemistry Sets MK £47

Create your own unusual :D

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Job done. so much money for gaben.

No harm to people :D

If this ever happend the steam servers would be down for weeks. The "you know who" shifting there there shit... Laundery service?

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not really new. i hate to admit, but my account was hijacked the same way last winter. friend get hijacked, scammer hijacks me, then uses my account to hijack my friends

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yeah I've seen this done when I was still in high school (I'm a year out of college now).   my cousin was the one who sent me the sketchy link, called him up and told him to change his password, etc.


also really aggressive to call your friend a cunt when you think it's not actually your friend trying to phish you but someone/something that hacked their account...

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please share some of whatever you're smoking..


to answer your post,this is aan old ass scam that was originated from csgo trading but came in tf2 since csgo has 7 days ban

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