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Cracking down on 'lazy' price suggestions


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Several admins, mods and suggestors have been in a discussion about 'lazy' suggestions. This refers to a suggestion where only a single link is included. I have mentioned in several comments that it would be easier for pricing staff to read and easier for them the more information you provide. While this is not a rule as of yet, Cashew for explain said he is less lenient with people if they do make a mistake with those types of suggestions.


Quote Cashew (Pinned on the discord)

Yeah I dislike handling suggestions that just have one screenshot or nothing explaining why they're doing what they're doing. I may also be less lenient if they make mistakes.


This in general is what I'd want out of a non-unusual suggestion:


Bot.tf: https://bot.tf/stats/item?def=644&q=6&ef=&craft=0&aus=0&ks=0 https://imgur.com/a/Ac93fMJ One sale at 6 ref in past 30 days on bot.tf Marketplace: https://marketplace.tf/items/644;6;uncraftable Nothing recent on marketplace Classifieds: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Head Warmer&quality=6&tradable=1&craftable=-1&australium=-1&killstreak_tier=0 https://imgur.com/a/hjvYnLb Buyer at 7 ref for a month Going with whatever range for whatever reason. Ignoring blah because blah. SCM also supports the change with recent sales at $xx.


In most situations, especially on rarer items, I'll look at bot.tf, classifieds, and potentially marketplace and SCM. Please don't crop the bot.tf screenshot too much, I want to see how it looks for the past week and past month as well as the past 24 hours. This is also helpful if the suggestion gets left up. Including the bot.tf link also saves me some time from having to go find it by myself - I wish it was integrated into the site. Honestly just be clear about why you're doing that and make it easy for me to check if the suggested price is still valid and that it's clearly the best possible suggested price. It's not hard to copy paste 3-5 links, take a screenshot, and write a sentence or two. In most cases, you're already doing that work when making the suggestion, so might as well include it in the suggestion anyways.


This is more of a guide than anything; if you have done this its not a stab at you or anything like that, it is just in future, it would be handy and recommended if you follow said guide.


Moose out.


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