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Falsely Banned by BP.TF

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Hello everyone,


I apologise for posting this here even thought it shouldn't be here, but I can't submit issues on the offical site, because I'm not allowed to and tells me to send an appeal to SteamREP, but  SteamREP doesn't solve BANNED BY BPTF typed issues so I'm stuck right now.


I did some research, and found out that my first account, which I have sold (I didn't have any clue he/she had scamming intentions) back in December, 2018, have been reported and banned for scamming with paypal money.( https://backpack.tf/issue/5c49d509cf6c756115557879, http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198020188575 ) and have been punished. BUT, with this, my currect account ( https://backpack.tf/u/76561198154514671, http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198154514671 ) was also banned, which I understand, because it's automated, but the only time I was in contact with that person is when we were dealing with the account. After I gave the information and recieved payment, I haven't spoken a word to him/her. So I'm not affiliated with that person in any kind of way. I can provide PayPal transaction and chat screenshots if required. Yes, mainly I'll be roasted for "Wow, don't sell accounts idiot lmao nub" and that sort of stuff, but can we leave that alone and I can get some help? What should I do?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Small oversight, you can appeal on the site now. Be aware that transfer of ownership does not negate responsibility for bans.

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