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Bugs on website issue tracker not being fixed?


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I wasn't going to say anything and be patient, but it's been months now.


Big issues like the inability to create buy orders for noncraftable items still don't work, it's been like this for months. This also extends to strange variants of items, essentially hitting thousands of items. I'm certain work is being done behind the scenes on the website, but there needs some transparency, especially on issues like this that generate many bug reports. 


Is this actually being worked on? Does anyone know what's going on? Is there an ETA on the fix?


The first few posts on the issue tracker located here https://backpack.tf/issues?category_id=541aeee2ba8d8836548b456a 





Lack of response to these, months old. 


Would it be beneficial to have a post that has the known bugs and an ETA? This would reduce duplicate bug reports and let users know something is going on behind the scenes.

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Our dev is currently stretched pretty thin and as such is not able to prioritise relatively minor site bugs. We appreciate your patience.

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Thanks for the response. I think my suggestion at the bottom of the post should be considered to quell the distress...up to you guys though.


Also, I know nothing about what goes on behind the scenes, but is another dev joining to help - a possible suggestion?

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