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Finding sales records for unusual hats (price suggestions)


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This is my first time posting to the BP.tf forums, so this is pretty new, but I have a question about finding evidence for price suggestions. People always seem to have records from bot.tf or other sites? I'm fairly new to price suggestions, so I tend to use basic evidence (Steam market sales and buy/sell orders etc...) but lack any way to find previous sales of unusuals and the prices of them. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.


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Bot.tf is a one time payment thing; you pay a key once and you have access to all the information.


This is especially helpful for unique / genuine / low-tier stranges / collectors / vintage items. I'd recommend this if you have a couple dollars to spend.


If you want to be independent, I'd suggest finding histories through sellers or previous suggestions; not incredibly likely you'll get to view all of the items, but a pretty good start.


Alternatively, the Discord has a channel where you can ask for help, including for histories for certain items. The mods and other experienced suggester's would be there as well to answer any questions you may have.

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