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[PSA] Paypal scammers exploiting backpack.tf trusts


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I would like to remind everyone that Backpack.tf trusts system is being heavily abused by Paypal scammers.


They come with a new account, quickly build 10 or more fake +trusts, top that with some real +trusts and then scam people for hundreds of dollars or keys.


Some quotes from old reports:


Only some recent cases:


As far as I know, it was all the same scammer (except the last case).  For reference, his "most documented" SteamRep accounts: onetwo.


Few examples of fake +trusts (always removed by BP staff after the scam):


The scammer usually puts his ads


Unfortunately I am not allowed to name any accounts that are not banned yet because BP admins call this "witch hunting".

Please do not call any names either to avoid this thread being locked.
I plan to discuss other aspects of this problem and possible solutions in my subsequent posts.


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Yet if people weren't so damn impatient they would clearly see these as fake before they ever got scammed. Case in point from your links......

4 of those 6 people had totally worthless backpacks. One of them went from $7 to over $500 in 1 day.   Why would anyone think that someone with nothing in their inventory is rushing to buy your items?  Again....impatience and not using these things God gave you called YOUR EYES !   Its right there in front of you and yet people believe the crap spewing from peoples mouths as to how trustworthy they are.



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this issue has been around for a long ass time.im not surprised that scammers are using this to scam people and the sad thing is that this is a very simple and easy scam to do.this also comes in the case of people exploting the usage of backpack.tf premium. 


I DO NOT blame backpack.tf for having their premium but we really cant do anything with sharkers but lets go baack with the main point of this post.as for scammers using this exploit,it would be best to trust people who has the trusts with evidence as most of these scammers use fake accounts and dont have evidence.



now we go beyond that point.scammer could just fake evidence so we would think its legit so in the end of the day,use marketplace.tf,buy from well-known people or use trusted people for middlemans and trusted meaning the same as well-known.

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