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Easter egg? Or what am I missing?

Adolf Storms

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This one goes in the W.T.F. file for me


so where's my new hat backpack :P


Can u find it for me XD




(#cheater's lament shenanigans)


Aaaannnnd, for the love of God and everything holy .... SOMEONE REPRICED THE VIVID COTTON HEAD FFS! Tired of everyone one that goes thru crap.tf gettin offered on 60-70 keys hats, stating 'It's a 90 key hat minimum, that's loads of overpay'





And finally, funniest thing I've heard all week;

"Bruh you selling that g pan? I will overpay with my sunbeams law"   LMFAO sure pal. I was born on a day, but it wasn't yesterday :P

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yeah, what on earth

this is like, at least 3 conflicting topics


besides, the item you're referencing is, indeed, somekind of "invisible" item (just like gun mettle contracts) that served as a notification for players who recieved the cheater's lament. I believe it's supposed to disappear soon after closing said notification

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10 minutes ago, 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥 said:

Manic episode or a midlife crisis?


that moment when 4 a.m. hits and everything makes sense cuz it's the 2nd 4 am you've seen since your last sleeps


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