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price of Strange Haunted Mannhattan Project?


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i have this item but am unsure about its price its backpack.tf price is outdated and no-one exept me is selling it.

i have tried to sell it for quite= some time but have gotten no offers.

please if you could help me i would be very thankful

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are you asking more than a key?

if i was you i'd sell it to that buyer for a key. that's a pretty fair price. sitting on it forever doesn't make much sense. not many collectors out there for it

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Look at the price history here: https://marketplace.tf/items/30519;13;strange

They move very slowly, and sales seem to alternate between a bit over a key for people that are patient and lucky on the high end, and well under a key for people who lose patience and sell to buy orders on the other end.


I can offer a key and two refined for it; I'm semi-retired as a trader and don't mind sitting on an item for a few months.

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