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I went to this site (<phishing site>) and I was cheating. I entered my username and password on this site and after 5 minutes my nickname changed to this: "76561198149792327". The profile description read: "this account has been flagged by Steam support for breaching our terms of service.Trading on your account will be permanently disabled, you have 30 minutes to withdraw all your skins from your account, friend or to your other account. I've seen the same account before and it couldn't be traded. I was afraid that I will be the same and sent things to my second account and did not get them, because they took fake account. I lost things worth over 300 keys. Here is nick this fake: "✪ Ferk tf2hunt.com" and I reported on it. I'm just a student and I have no money. These things have been my entire gaming life. Guys I want you to help me or to donate me the things that you do not mind. Who was in the same situation will understand me. Here is send link:https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=189526599 & token=9Ip2LI7C. Tell us about this situation to your friends so they do not fall in the same situation

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Do not post links to scam sites and do not beg on our forums please. If someone has scammed you I strongly urge you to make a report.

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