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Free Posters! [CLOSED]

Dazed & Confused

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Want to practice doing some poster commissions, send some requests my way


Oh yeah here's some examples of my work:







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These look pretty cool

Could you maybe make a sniper aiming down scope on harvest, here:


Looking out the window, this loadout:

Australium sniper rifle, Amaranthine Cotton Head (if you do unusual effects) painted Violet, Marksman's Mohair painted violet, and Triggermans Tacticals.

I really like what you did with the the third photo ^^


I might be asking for a lot but i'll give you a bonus if you manage to pull it off :'D

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Can I ask you for a poster of the pyro:

-Wearing: Sub Zero Suit painted australium, Cute Suit either gold paint and Bonzo the all-gnawing Attendant

-Holding a festivized australium flame thrower

-Somewhere on the Dustbowl

Thanks in advance! :))

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Very nice quality. I could definitely use a nice pfp pic.


My solly 


-a whirly warrior (anti feeeze)

-black painted horrific headsplitter (harvest moon)

-attack packs


holding a gpan would be hella cool. 



Can be bust up or pretty zoomed in so that it fits in that small pfp template. 

Again awesome stuff, if it’s too much of a trouble, don’t bother :)

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I like these pictures. I like it a lot. So for that, can I have a Profile Pic of my solly?


Here's the Schematics:


Freedom Feathers

Pestering Jester (Color: Austrailium Gold) (Unu Effect: Terror-watt)

Gift Bringer (Color: A Mann's Mint)


Maybe he can be in a pose which says "What?" but if not, the pose can be up to you. Same with the background.


Yet again, I love your artwork, even the Fake Hoovy one. If you don't want to do it, I don't mind.


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Jeez I love these so much!


Can You make one for me aswell?... :3


Ghastly ghosts jr. Pencil pusher

Haunted phantasm jr. Killer exclusive painted white

Insulated inventor painted white


I don't care about the background at all, I'll leave it up for Your creativeness.. 


Thanks in advance!




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1 minute ago, Zeus_Junior said:

Damn you’re fast. Looks amazing! ^^

Just the cotton head is the wrong team colour 😛 

ah crap sorry, I'll fix that. Don't know how I didn't notice

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Could you please do a poster of my pyro loadout?

Hats - Hong kong cone, north polar fleece, mercs muffler (all hats painted white)

Weapons - degreaser (flare gun and powerjack optional)

Team - blu

map - borneo

pose - any

Thanks in advance :D

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If you have the time, I'd be greatly appreciate it if you could make one for me. ☺️


It'd be a RED Sniper standing on the upper half of the (idk how to call it) sniper spot (check screenshot) on 2fort while waving (Stock sniper taunt) with the following cosmetics:


-> "Unusual Darkblaze Your Worst Nightmare" (the halloween effect), painted "A Deep Commitment to Purple"


-> Simple "Summer Shades"


-> Wearing a "Final Frontiersman" painted "A Distinctive Lack of Hue"


-> Holding a "Shooting Star" in his hands


Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/5bb0aa85b0f4d445a3e8257a8fc7aa05


You'd simply have to exchange cosmetics, but the pose and position of hand and weapon stay the same like on the pic.


Thanks a lot in advance, and have a nice day! ❤️

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Okay, here we go.

Soldier on the middle area of the bridge in ctf_doublecross with:

Festivized Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher (Factory New)

Darkblaze Antlers

Burning Flames Patriot Peak




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Ok, I'm gonna take a break now, you can still send in commissions but I won't be able to complete them for another 20 hours (at the time of writing). After then I'll continue starting from Magneticfudge3's commission and working down

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sniper scoped in.. bedouin bandanna.. white bruisers bandanna.. birdman of australiacatraz

shooting star

mandarin ,flames Can u do it like halloween harvest map?

pfp pls ,and thx a lot 

i like ur artwork A LOT.

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i really like these

Could you do a profile picture of my spy loadout

Anywhere on badwater

Blu team

Bonzo the all gnawing hat of cards

Assassin's attire (painted australium gold)

Noh Mercy

Australium knife

Thanks a lot 

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I'd like one if possible. Really love the quality of your sfms.

Blue Pyro
Frostbite Crone's Dome (Tinge paint)

Apparition's Aspect
Hot Case (Tinge Paint)

I would like one where pyro is sailing through the night sky on a broom. If that's not possible, it can be somewhere on Snowplow.

Thank you!

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Closing the thread now, but I'll continue to work on the posters that have already been sent. (Starting them in 10 hrs)

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