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Removing attachments


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I havent been able to post new attachments for while. If I drag or choose a file I get:

There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.


Under "My Attachments" it says:

You have used 1.95 MB of your 1.95 MB attachment limit.


Ok, so I just need to delete some old crap and make space..

How the ❇️⁉️✖️Ⓜ️ do I do that? Ive looked everywhere at least 25 times and its driving me crazy!



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There is this handy dandy button for that  



You click `My Attachments` and then get sent here


Where you can easily remove uploads


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Just now, Zeus_Junior said:

Hm, thats weird.

Should have the trash bin icon to throw items away. I'll ask someone else if they know the answer to this


Im using firefox on Win7. I can check if its the same on chrome and/or win10

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Still no option to delete, even from other PC and chrome.

Probably gonna take a while to reach limit again so not a pressing matter, but would be nice if it could be fixed at some point. 

An update on issue is appreciated either way.

Thanks again 

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