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Personalised TF2 Icon Commissions!


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Hello there,


I'm doing icon commissions! If you're interested, feel free to contact me!

They're 1000x1000px and you'll receive the full res. of the file via e-mail or download.
I have other commissions available, just contact me for more information regarding that.


If you'd like to contact me, there's a few ways you can do that.

Twitter || Steam || Backpack.tf


They're 5 keys or $8 via paypal!
Yes, it's cheaper via paypal. I accept items except for the following:
Skins, Spells, Painted Cosmetics, Strange Parted Items.


When sending payment, I require that if you're paying in TF2 items that you pay all or half before I begin the commission.

When paying Paypal, I require all of it before I begin.

This is simply because I cannot afford to lose time to scams. I have a busy queue and would like to stay on track. Thank y'all for understanding.


the quality is terrible because I needed to compress to be able upload. sorry lol


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Hi y'all,


Do me a favor and please don't have an argument on my thread about.. silly things. I'm more than open to criticism and advice, but don't go calling out random people for seemingly random, unrelated things. Also, if you're going to comment, try to keep it related to the thread or questions and stuff. Silly argument are weird on an art-related thread. lol


15 hours ago, Mew2! said:

Huh. Proportions seem weird. Overall, nice drawing skills though, and it might help to a wider range of values. And hey, at least you can draw people, I can't lol.

source: I'm taking AP art at school.


Yeah, I'm still learning! I've been drawing my entire life. Now that I'm in college, it's only time I've been in an official art class. Overall, I've always been a cartoonist/furry artist, so it's not surprising my art is weird.


Thank you! ❤️


- - - -


Here's a recent WIP of 2 icons I'm working on for a commissioner.


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