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Art Commissions [OPEN]

dead name crime scene

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If you pay first, your commission will be done way faster.
NOTE: I have life outside the internet and mental struggles, it might take a while to do your thing, especially if it has been unpaid.

Thanks to those who commissioned me already! You guys are the best. ❤️


Here are the prices:

Bust- 1 key

Halfbody- 2 keys

Fullbody-3 keys


Shading (Soft/Cell)- 10 ref

BG- 25 ref

Unusals- 5 ref

I can always do lower if needed!


Can draw anything, but TF loadouts are preffered. ^^

These and these are examples of my art!


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22 minutes ago, PilotTwist.v1 said:

can you draw a potato eating a tomato while being eaten by a larger tomato

If I'll be paid properly.

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