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Backpack.tf Auxillary API help

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Shock95    0

I use the backpack.tf Auxillary API to send a heartbeat every five minutes to show a lightning bolt symbol for my trade bot, however whenever I do this it leads me to getting IP banned a few minutes later for no reason and this error message pops up from the Node.js bot:

"Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established"

Below is the code I am using for the heartbeat


let lightning_timer = null;

let request_params = {
        uri: "https://backpack.tf/api/aux/heartbeat/v1?token=" + keys.BACKPACK_TF_TOKEN,
        form: {
            token: keys.BACKPACK_TF_TOKEN,
            automatic: "all"
        json: true,
        method: "POST"

    request(request_params, function(error, response, body) {
        if(error) {
            console.log(error + error.message);
        } else {
            if(lightning_timer == null) {
                console.log("Successfully connected to Backpack.tf");
            lightning_timer = setInterval(lightning, 60000 * 5);


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Shock95    0
9 hours ago, Daddy Alex said:

Maybe it was replaced by /1.0/agent/pulse ?


I tried using that API with OAuth however it didn't do anything.

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