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before you read, PLEASE someone help file a report of somekind on the person i'm going to tell you about (except ham in a can, of course)


hello, recently i've caught a scammer who successfully scammed my friend,(his name is ham in a can)

my friend,(we will refer to him as HAM). Got contacted by a user named : PiotreX B>QuickSell,  and he was told to deposit his items (which is a professional killstreak strange baby face's blaster, and a strange airborne attire) to a fake marketplace.tf bot, named DEPOSIT ITEMS 9.


i tracked the items down, and it seems the fake "bot" is owned by this user :https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198294350328


ok, now for the proof. here's HAM's backpack 3 days ago, on the 16th of january 2019 : https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198864463028?time=1547596800

on page 8, there's a strange airborne attire and a professional killstreak strange baby face's blaster. if you hover above both items and click on "history" it is clearly shown that the items, were traded to the bot yesterday, on the 18th of january 2019


here's the history for the strange airborne attire : https://backpack.tf/item/6360960742

here's the history for the prof ks baby faces blaster : https://backpack.tf/item/2767400629



both items were traded away on 18th jan 2019 to the "bot" but it seems it was traded again by the "bot" merely 3 hours later to a user named "fire is nice" (link to profile at top)


alright, now for some more proof. here's the "bot's" inventory and also fire is nice's inventory


the bot inventory : https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198851013926


fire is nice's inventory : https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198294350328


as you can see, the "bot" account was created on the same day the scam happened.

and also, the items were traded very briefly to fire is nice's account, but then was traded back to the "bot"

and there it is! both items are visible in the "bot" inventory


SO PLEASE HELP REPORT! i have no idea how to report this dude, and it is obvious this scammer must pay for what he has done


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1 hour ago, the weaboo said:

if anybody out there knows what to do, please help, my firend lost a total of nearly 2 keys from this scam

Please tell your friend to report the scammer by clicking on the red flag under their username image.png.d676ff45eba45dce47477d6bd726f580.png


Please also tell him to provide Uncropped and Unedited screenshots of his ENTIRE chat with the user from this page -- https://help.steampowered.com/en/accountdata/GetFriendMessagesLog -- Find them on a web browser and hover your mouse over the name of the user he was interacting with so report moderators can see the URL at the bottom left corner of the screen. Then upload them to an image hosting service (imgur for example) and post the links to the evidence of screenshot in the report.

Example- should look like this - https://imgur.com/MjGyin8


Please also tell him to take screenshots of the trade offer / trade history - should also be Uncropped and Unedited, also in a web browser, with your mouse hovering over the username so that profile URL pops up in bottom corner.

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we appreciate the fact that you are finding scammers but please dont make threads about this.there's way tooo many scammers and this kind of scammer could have more than millions of accounts to scam

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