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TF2 Comissions & Other game art (NOW OPEN) Update!!


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Doing Comissions for Tf2 Loadouts 

I dont just do tf2 I also do other games and movies


Prices are:

Full body= 3 keys

Half body=2 key

Just head= 34 ref

Unusual effects are only 5 ref extra

Name Logos or Art Logos=24 ref



Hand drawn Icons= 3 keys 

Backgrounds= 1 key 

New Weapons Drawn= 41 ref

New Cosmetic ideas drawn= 34 key

Tf2 youtubers drawn: 2key half body 3 keys full body


My art is usually done within 4-5 days after or less it depends on time


Add me on steam aswell, feel free to check out my artwork to see what yours will look like






Steam Link:



My Blogs:


I'd Recommend checking this link since I mostly upload art there


Have a nice day and Ill see you till then :D.

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2 hours ago, PsychoticArsonist said:

Then just request the access  

When in the drive file, you can click on share and then get a link you can share and everyone with that link can view/write/react to the file (depending on which you choose)

I think that'll fix this problem

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i guess i’ll take one

just the head, so 24 ref

just a greninja, wearing a red hoodie, but the hood part isn’t covering his head, if you know what i mean


black backround

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