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Does the site allows to use a script ?

Rixlas GR

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Can i use a script to get a notification when someone undercuts me on an item which i wanna sell or buy? or is against the rules? i am not talking about auto change the price, just receiving a notification.



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You can use the api for classifieds here : https://backpack.tf/api/docs/classifieds_search



However it is a bit unclear if you can do that or not


No limits are imposed, but abuse will not be tolerated. Review the Terms of Use here. Classifieds filters passed to this API are not part of the stability promise and may change at any time. Polling this API to replace listing alerts is not permitted (your account may be banned). Please poll the Notifications API instead. Use the Subscriptions API to programmatically subscribe to items you are interested in. This ensures you only receive relevant updates.


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