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"My listings" rule. Can i get banned?


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So i added this guy to offer on his unusual and after some talking he said i was breaking a rule about the "my listings" thing. He said "people can even offer you nuts and bolts since u dont specify which effect you want for 45keys, and if u turn them down too many times and they report you for that you can get banned". 
So what iam asking is am i allowed to have it like this? Since iam looking for one for atleast 45 keys, or will i get banned for simply turning down peoples offer. Or having posts like this?

EDIT: i read the guidelines and it said "Generic buy orders for unusuals must be at the price you will pay for any effect, even nuts and bolts." But i can still turn them down cant i? if i dont like the offer? Its like if i got offered a 60 key unusual quicksell for 45 i can still turn it down without having any problems?


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