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Short lesson of reading :)


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Yesterday I got an offer on my unusual taunt - worth 4 keys, nothing special. But the offer I received was special :) This guy https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198189954069 wanted me to give the taunt + 5 keys for his strange festivized scattergun, claiming that it's the festive one (priced 15-16 keys) and that this trade is great for me.

Here is our conversation - yes, he added me to discuss this brilliant offer, and it is right there -----> https://imgur.com/a/aTmRmLF

Report or no, he's already perm banned on bp.tf so it doesn't really matter. I posted it cause it was the very first scam attempt when someone hoped I can't read at all

Enjoy as I did, cheers

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He's already banned for the exact thing he did to you. You should have checked his bp first. You can report him to steam support maybe, but more reports and negative trusts don't really do anything.

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