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Made a complete issue report, just want to know about its status


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What is the purpose of the report? Shit offers and shit attitudes (at least not in this context) aren't bannable on this site, so I don't know what kind of "feedback/response" you're expecting.


If you run into someone you don't like, just block them so you don't have to communicate with them again.

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10 hours ago, mtndrew said:

I didn't get any feedback//response on it.



Marty Birdman commented about 5 hours ago

We don't ban users for toxic behavior in private chat, unless it relates to scamming. I recommend blocking this user if they are unpleasant to deal with.

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Are you dumb? First of all the issues sectuon isnt for blabbing out words like some crybaby. If you want to note on someone's suspicious behavior then you can -trust them. Secondly why not just block him? You are just clearly wasting time with him and even hell wasting time making some report that would obviously wont go through. Just go ahead and block him and go in with your day.

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