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Free sfm posters!


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I'm back!

Whew. That took longer than expected, I've managed to get my hands on a old laptop which is slower than my main one but can just about run sfm, as stated earlier I'm not taking anymore free commissions but at least now I can finish everyone else's posters who requested them. I'm working on a portfolio and a pricing list (should still be cheap) if you want to make any requests. Hopefully I might be able to save up and finally finish my new pc so ill be able to handle more complex projects.


Again sorry for the wait but I seem to be getting back on track



I am not the best at sfm, but I just want to practice and get better. Don't get teary if its not "amazing" again, I'm doing it for free. Try and keep it based around tf2 but I'm willing to add in other models. And beware I wont do anything with photoshop, mainly because I don't have the time to learn it. I you don't like my criteria then idk go pay someone more experienced to do it? sorry :T

P.S If you like what I do tips will always be appreciated :D


When making requests-

You must be specific when asking for commissions and at minimum include these things

  -Map (location if possible)


  -All cosmetics, paints, unusual effects and killstreak effects

  -The "feel" of the scene (eg: exciting, sombre, inspiring)

  -The action of the characters (or just ask and I can think of something)


Also, If I like your post then that means I'm in the process of doing it, I'm doing things on a first come first served basis so don't expect to get a poster within an hour but I am trying to get round to everyone's posters asap


I've attached some of my works, again don't be too harsh, I'm new




Kenobi Grevious 1-1


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For a new guy your sfm posters are great!

anyways, I’m looking for a pfp to use in some applications.

Map: 2fort. The intel room.

characters: Pyro

cosmetics: (all painted after eight). Hot case, Combustible cutie, burning question (It has burning flames).

feel: Like a mic of somber and mysterious, like a film noir movie.

action: Either him sitting at the intel desk with his elbows on the table and his hands resting at his chin, or him leaning up against the wall.

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G'day, I've got something for you. Nice posters for a newcomer by the way. 😛


I'd like you to make a poster of my Heavy, having following items equipped:

-a Burning Flames Bear Necessities

-a White Painted Sunbeams Large Luchadore

-the Purity Fist

-an Australium Minigun (if possible, could you add the Tornado eye effect in yellow (Daffodil)? would be lit but not required)


Map of my choice would be the Halloween map called Slasher. If you can't use that, you can use Harvest Event, having a shot with the moon in the background in that one. The ambience should be rather gloomy, with the Heavy looking rather angrily as if he was going to let out a huge roar while holding the Minigun.


Hit me up for any questions, cheers mate!

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Map: -2Fort

Characters: -A Sniper


1: Your worst nightmare painted violet

2: Rifleman's regala painted Violet

3: Villains Veil painted Violet

Feel: Cozy

Action I want to be holding 👌 

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Map: - Upward in between the first point and blue spawn

Characters: -A Soldier 


1: Sunbeams Exquisite Rack

2: Point and Shoot 

3: White painted Bruisers bandanna

4: Australium rocket launcher 

Feel: serious

Action: To have the poster like the attached image but different cosmetics and i don't want the freedom staff in there also the have the rocket launcher as normal but same pose if you can please also different map 

I hope you can make this happen for me if i have asked for to much or if you don't understand something just don't bother to do the project as i don't want to be a pain 

tf2 soldier australium.jpg

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Hey, nice work mate

Map: Turbine, spawn room
Character: Spy
Cosmetics: A hat to kill for, Chicago overcoat
Feel: sombre
Action: I dont know, ur choice :D


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Damn this is nuts

Map Borneo

Character: Sniper

Cosmetics: Professionals panama, soldered sensei (painted grey), villains veil, unpainted whatever style

Feel: dark
Action: stooping a little holding aussie sniper by stock

Unusuals: Frostbite and DBD


Will make a comfortable donation probably if it turns out like your other ones.

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They are more than awesome bruh!

Map: Dustbowl - the only one i respect

Class: Sniper


Down Under Duster - Radigan Brown painted, Villains Veil (style with skull) - Australium Gold, Killer Exclusive - Lack of Hue

Unusual: Sunbeams on the Killer

Weapon: Carbonado botkiller sniper rifle

Feel: of maining sniper

Action: standing on the balcony and aiming in the direction of the BLU spawn gate (upper one)

Camera: zooming on the sniper, point of view above the canyon - on the same site as in the picture but a little bit below + closer to the spawn gate of BLU

Colors: of the sunset - something like death at dusk effect if possible


Add me later so that I could return a favour: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DrMietek/



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Would you do a wallpaper for me?

It'd be my current bat-dier loadout so the Arkham Cowl + Bonedolier + Veterans Attire. He stands and leans against the wall. His legs may be crossed (or something like you did above with pyro)

He holds a Market Gardener in his hand (it stands on the ground and he just holds his hand on it). Somewhere on the ground there lies (or leans against some locker/wall/anything) a Rocket Launcher with Night Owl Mk. II (if attaching skins is even a possibility), not too conspicuous.

Above his head appears Cloudy Moon effect.

The map is your choice, I only want it to look misterious and dark although soldier must be visible through the darkness. Possibly inside of some room with wooden walls (not really a requirement, just my caprice)

Take like the right profile of him.... I'd say like camera should be on South-East when he's looking on South. If you know what I mean... He has to look angry/misterious.

Soldier must take the cental part of the wallpaper as there's only place on my screen without any icons. Zoom is up to you.

It MUST be 1920x1080.


If you cannot understand any piece of my description or got any questions just add me on Steam and I'll answer it.

Of course I won't let you do such a complex work for free... Just let me know if you undertake that challenge ^^


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Hey! I Hope you are still interested in doing these posters! :) I would like one for me and my friend that likes to pocket me.


-Put them both on the middle of the bridge in 2Fort,

-Soldier and Medic

-Soldier: (All in A Deep Commitment to Purple) The Patriot Peak, The Bruiser's Bandanna, The Polar Pullover
Medic: (No paints) Gauzed Gaze, The Foppish Physician, Archimedes

-It should be Proud, focused on the soldier and the medic.

-Make them do the Skullcracker taunt, instead of capturing the moment they hit each other, just make the picture the moment they grab their hands and are ready to headbutt (I hope yknow what I mean).

PS: If you can, put some dead bodies around them, it does not matter if the soldier and medic are in blue or red (Aslong as they are in the same team obviously), but make sure the bodies are in the enemy team.


That's about it :)


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Map:Sawmill,location-your choice


Cosmetics:Dad duds,Texas Ten Gallon painted Team Spirit and Gold Digger painted Aged moustache grey


Action:your choice can't think of anything

Nice work btw

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Hey! You're actually really good at doing these imo. I'd like one done if you don't mind

Map: 2Fort (specifically on the bridge, kind of like the first one you posted)\

Characters: One medic right in the middle on top of the bridge

Items: Unusual Berlin Brain Bowl w/ Clairvoyance, Colossal Cranium, and Bunnyhopper's Ballistic Vest. I'd also like him holding a festive medi gun w/ team shine.

The "Feel": I guess, inspiring? 
Action: Sort of like in the meet the medic video, where he's holding the medi gun and the doves are flying around him (like that one taunt I suppose)


Thank you so much for doing this - you're very talented at it :)

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1 hour ago, P!tcH said:

Hey @UrsaJust finished your poster!

Awesome! I love it, is there any way I can get killer style on the Veil? If that's not too much to ask of course

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My demo: 


preferably on koth nucleus 

hat: green black hole tipplers tricone (painted indubitably green)

hurt locher

juggernaut jacket


holding a haunted ghosts iron bomber

intimidating feel  

think of an action!

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