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Hats that would look better on other classes


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This is a pretty common one, (And it's common in the newly created items for every TF2 update) An All-Class Villain's Veil. I think that'd look pretty neat on the Scout, in my opinion. Might go pretty well with a couple well-selected Soldier or Pyro items. (Filamental or the Aspect) 

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baker on heavy

bacteria blocker on pyro

all class dapper

caribbean conqueror on demo

federal casemaker on spy

war on smissmass for pyro

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Private Eye, shame it's only 3 classes, I could picture in great on any class.


Scout (Everything Looks good on scout)
Soldier (Eh, well, nothing all-class looks good on soldier anyways)

Pyro (Yeah, it'd work)

Already for Demo

Heavy (C'mon, Heavy already has a bunch of tiny hats, this wouldn't be a surprise)

Engineer (Sort of...)

Already for Medic

Sniper (He wears a bunch of hats like these anyways)

Already for spy

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