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Best free video editor?


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Anyone know a good free video editor? 


Used to use a cracked version of camtasia studio 8 but eh.... windows movie maker freezes heaps so yeah, any ideas boys?

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Going from articles and reviews, the two I've got narrowed down to are Hitfilm Express and DaVinci Resolve, I think I'm gonna try HitFilm as tomshardware reivewed it as the best free one, but anyone use any others or any of these 2 and have any feedback?


r/videoediting also has this written:


last week 95% of people who asked "What software should I use ?", the answer was HitFilm Express or DaVinci Resolve just like it says in the sidebar


So that doesn't really help which one to choose out of the two :P 

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I use Shotcut, it's FOSS.

Although I don't do much heavy editing, just simple stuff. But.. it has a lot more options than I need, so it may be good for advanced things as well.

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