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Strange Specialized Killstreak Unusual Hat Price Suggestion


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I'm new to this backpack.tf/forum section and i have a problem.

I bought a Strange Unusual Hat (Strange Hellfire Rotation Sensation) Which had a recent price 350 Keys:       image.png.d2d2b74d0b7704cc520b6bfc5fa479a1.png


And i wanted this hat as my "End Game Hat" so i purchased a specalized Killstreak Kit which could be used on anything. 

I used it on my Item and now the backpack.tf shows it's non-strange price:            image.png.a5fb013fa6bf8d02a8e824b7cefbde40.png



So i would like to ask anyone if that's possible, that the item gets back it's strange price while it has the killstreak on it?

If a suggestion is needed for it i would like to ask someone to help me make it, i can give informations about the item.

As far as i know this strange variation is 1/1 and i'm Not selling this item, so that's why i would like to make a correct price for it.

Thanks for reading and i hope i didn't break the rules of this site!

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Still shows as strange in tf2 and ur steam inventory so why does it matter if its ur end game item :P . Just wanna flex on people on backpack.tf? 

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Well, i guess you are right. Anyway just wanted to show you this. I didn't know about this thing, so i was suprised. It is kinda funny to be honest.

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