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Can you delete your account from backpack.tf


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is there anyway that you can delete your account of backpack.tf like remove all of your account history on it and remove my accounts backpack.tf link 

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33 minutes ago, Ez3 said:

i dont want my account to be shown on backpack.tf is there any way i can do that



No, every profile is shown, you could private your backpack and profile so ur name and pic is the only thing shown (well, unless its been public before then it will have ur old inventory)


But considering ur asking this because ur a scammer... yeah nah mate

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No no, don't listen to everyone else. 


This one is easy, here's what you do: (One simple trick!  Mods hate me for it, and I'll share it with you!)


You need to take screenshots of everything in your inventory, first of all.  Be very careful to do this step or it won't work!


Then, delete all your items and deactivate your account.  Next, open another account.  This one will be completely unconnected to the old one, so you won't get banned on here.  Open a ticket with Steam Support explaining that you got banned from a community site for being a scammer, and need all your items moved to the new account; explain that you deleted the old ones, so they can safely provide you with new copies without having to worry about dupes. 


It's very important that you've deleted all items from the old account at this point (not moved, but actually deleted.  Steam Support can see); otherwise you'll just be ignored! Provide them with screenshots of all the items, and a link to the old account so they know which items to move over. 


They'll take care of you and give you precisely what you need.


Then, to gloat, post the screenshots here showing that you deleted all the items and are going to have them moved to a new account (don't post link to new account so you don't get banned, obv)


ezpz, show all these nerds who's the b0$$


To be clear, you have to do it this way, or else your items can just be tracked to the new account via their history, and your new account will be marked as well.  This is the only way to get a clean start.

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