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Fake site

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Okay, so first of all, I rarely use backpack.tf forums, so I'm not sure if I'm posting to the right forum, so sorry, if not.

Happened a few hours ago, that I wanted to go to tf2mart.net, but instead .net I typed .com, and it redirected me to a site which looked like a Google site, and wanted me to take part in a survey, it looked like a fake Google site (you know similar to those ones, when you get the random Ad, that you've won a shit load of iPhones and have to give your credit card and stuff like that, it was on my motherlanguage (which is obviously not EN),  its domain was long, and some other language. I instantly closed the site itself (I didn't log into nor did I clicked on anything in the side) , changed my password, ran an antivirus program (which has found nothing suspicious), should I be worried, or it is fine? 😐


Also what kind of site could it have been? (like what is the purpose of it)

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