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Is the history on this unusual fine?

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JayTee    660

No, arcana had it, its really bad


yeah its fine

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DanielDee    62

Does look like it was handled by three scammers before it was double flipfenced between Bon and arcana though. I guess Bon could be there flip fencer Bot that they use to do deals with scammers then covertly flipping the hat from BON to arcana exactly 10 mins 10 seconds after getting it. That said it is a bot so could well be that the above is correct. Ive seen so many histories like this where scammers have had the hat then it ends up in the backpack of a high tier trader right at the end.... Ive seen it quite a bit with arcana and the trader who has that a lady in her profile avatar. Both have bot skills so they could well have the knowledge and or time do to exactly as ive stated above.

I mean if you look here. YOu will see that Bon was only given 4 keys for that unsusual that is worth 50 keys and then all there stuff was funnelled off to arcanas back pack and only 4 keys remained. That is rather suspect if you ask me but looks like they got away with the fence flip for 4 keys and everything else in the dudes backpack.... That said, im sure they can use the old "oh i paid them with paypal" ruse



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