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Overused phrases

Mr. Bucket

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"Collecting b/o"


"Nvm retracted"


"lol lowball"


"fuck off"




"i pay b/o, add acc [ insert obvus phising link here]


"bp.tf prices this at xx i'm selling for xx"




"This is my dream hat and I won't let it go easily"


"this hat is themed bc xx"


"don't offer bp.tf price"


"selling for bp.tf price"


"I offer xx"


" I ofur unoozal mex hed iwht orb bills (insert overused link here"


"bluedemon is an asshole admin"


"raise your b/o so we can get more"


"id give xx"

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"Wow u scam u banned from outpost"

"Fuck you I get high on ur moms koche"

"I bet you not even grammar"

"Wow fucking asshole, blocked"

"Dude why did you fak my mom so hard"

"Fucking overpriced"

"Dude why did u scam me"

"I jerk off to steamrep"

"Orgy on tf2outpost.com"

"Autopsy autopussy "

"I'm sorry about insulting u chains I'm just a little 9 year old bitch"

"Your movies suck"

"Your 'music sucks"

" your not a artist your a bitch, haha"

"I'm sorry to waste your time im a utterly worthless piece of shit

I could a list a billion more but I'm #2chainz I just rap

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