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Remove case sensitivity from 'Texture and Wear' search box, and enhance


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I've been pulling my hair out, last night and now today, trying to search for specific skins, only to discover that it's case sensitive.  :(


I highly suggest that the case sensitivity be removed.  I had no idea what I was doing wrong or if it was bugged until I decided to copy and paste the entire string in to eliminate any typos.  I tested the case by changing single letters, and it's definitely case sensitive.


Secondly, the TnW box also does not accept truncated strings or keywords.  It literally must be the full, 100% string in all its' lengthy glory.  Ideally, the engine should be able to use keywords and do intelligent completions like the main item engine, as well as distinguish between a Powerjack Civic Duty Mk.II and a Shotgun Civic Duty, so if I put 'powerjack' in the item bar, and then simply type 'civic duty' for the texture, it should automatically suggest the matching texture.


Now that I've figured this out, I can at least find what I need, but I still have to sweep up the pile of hair in front of my chair....  ;) 

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6 minutes ago, LstratosHF said:

If you search for just the texture, you can still use the item field to pick a weapon


Like this: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?texture_name=Bomber Soul&item=Rocket Launcher

Right, I wasn't super clear about what I meant, I'll go back and edit my post.


What I mean is, if I type powerjack in the item box, and then I type just "civic duty" into the texture, it should be able to suggest the correct texture, since only one works per item.

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1 hour ago, OreoRabbit ScrapToUnusual said:

Also I can not find the skin Damascus & Mahogany in this search filter.

I've been looking for some strange damascus weapons for so long, but i can never figure out how to find them. I just wish searching for skins wasn't so hard.

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