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I've recently unboxed 2 Murderer's Motif's, one with burning flames, one with haunted ghosts. I've never really sold off any unusual, and was trying to get a hold on the price of these 2 pieces. I think they're both 1 of 1 hats, but I have no way to back that up, or verify it. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Burning I'd say is probably around 100, but who knows what people will pay for it.

Haunted Ghosts is probably around 30 - 35.


And yes, both of yours are 1 of 1.


P.S don't get sharked :)

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Now that this happened, you're probably going to get a bunch of adds from people with private invs. Nearly everyone with a private inventory is a scammer. If not, check SteamRep before adding someone back. Sell the hats (if you actually want to sell them) for the price you want, not what someone is trying to claim they're worth (could be a shark). 

My price suggestions:

Burning: ~90-100

Ghosts: ~30-40

Hope this helps and nice unbox btw

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