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I got scammed today :/ (how u can help)

Ban Cat

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I was talking to my "friend" then he said he can dupe. I didn't trust him at first then he got upset that I've called him a scammer. He said he could dupe me keys (ik i'm stupid can we get over it) and i fell for it. So I gave him my 4 - 5 key unusual taunt because it was small.

then he offered to "DUPE" My Unusual Head Warmer for pyro (21 keys) and i said no and he asked why? I said no again not giving a reason. This is where the bad part comes in (I ACTUALLY SENT HIM THE TAUNT!) Why would I do that Idk If it worked i'd only get like prob 3 keys out of it. I know It was a bad thing to do to try to get free keys but that's why I did my low taunt for it. If you want to report please do so.
Here is his profile please report him https://steamcommunity.com/id/ayyitsaido Ik it was wrong of my to ask for keys but that's why i did my really low taunt

here is picture proof






image.png.e8a3b126af95e025d60505325706aae1.png    That's my taunt in his backpack





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He already had 2 negative trusts for scamming. What would make you think he could be trusted?

As for someone reporting him, it should be you that does it.  They will want any chats you had with him.


But, ask yourself something. If he could really dupe things, why would he need you?  He could take the most expensive item he had and make a gazillion of them. He wouldn't just add you out of thin air to magically make you rich.

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Please go to their backpack.tf profile and click the red flag


Add unedited screenshots of your chat / trade offers with the user that scammed you. Preferably also from your full screen (with taskbar etc, not cropped)

Heres his permanent profile link as he is able to change the custom id you sent: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198203221120 

If you need any help you are free to send me a message on the forums or on steam


Item duplication is a scam. NEVER give away items in a trade window to random users if you're not receiving anything in return.

You'll get back up! :) 

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