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A better skin search method


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As a guy who collects Civic Duties (dont ask why) It's been very hard for me to find any

Mainly because I either have to find a backpack with the weapon I want, or to search for it in a very confusing, and just not good way

I'd recommend war paints just be searchable like normal items,whilst still showing the different versions

That's just a simple idea,I guess it can be expanded

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1 hour ago, ThePickleCat said:

Looks like it's either only shotguns listed right now or the filter doesn't work properly. But if you go to the advanced search options on the classifieds search bar, you can do a search by texture. https://backpack.tf/classifieds?texture_name=Civic Duty jpKc8j4.png

Those are different from civic duty MkII, I presume op is talking about those. 


At the same time we should be able to search for specific collections, for example if I wanted skins from teufort, there should be a filter for it, kinda like tf2mart

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