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Cant sell or see my item's history


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So, backpack.tf wont show my scorching tossle's cap history nor sell it, how can i fix it? thanks!


 The item you attempted to sell could not be found in your inventory. Please visit your inventory before trying again. Please be advised that items only found in a fallback inventory cannot be listed.



Could not find any information for this item.

This item ID could not be resolved.

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use last good fallback inv or just keep refreshing until u get a recent one. seems bp is a bit glitchy the last 2 weeks. if it's using a current bp that failed to load or w/e it gives incorrect item id's. it does tell you in the error message, but it is a bit cryptic


here's the history https://backpack.tf/item/626459726

doesn't look like u got it to work or traded it away b4 u were registered in it lol


how did you go from that to the burning tundra? curious is all. there's an open suggestion on the tundra you could maybe help with

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Having this same problem with a hat I bought from someone who had their had listed on this site and now I can't post it or see its history either

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