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"Unusual" disappearance


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So I wake up in the morning only to find out that my disco beat down dead cone is nowhere to be seen in my inventory. After a small investigation I came to an dead end. After looking at my trading history, there's nothing showing the item leaving my inventory and I have never received or sent any trade offers regarding this item. 

Further more, the item history indicates that the unusual is untraceable:   531901175_Itemhistory.PNG.5c664b2c2e3e0de34aee9419a1a2b3a7.PNG  


As I said, nothing seems to indicate the item being traded away and it has disappeared around 4 am so I couldn't have deleted it by accident or something.


I really enjoy trading and I have taken the time to look into the common ways of getting scammed, I haven't clicked on any malicious links or anything like that. A few details maybe worth mentioning is that this user: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198279777031 seemed to be interested in my item, but removed me the same night it disappeared maybe before or maybe after the disappearance idk. He never acted really suspicious, but I still asked him if he could've had anything to do with it (I'm waiting for a response). The item was also listed on the scm and it still is (should probably remove it).


That's all I could come with... are my other items in danger? Could this have happened to anyone else? Should I contact valve about the issue? I hope some of you could help me have some closure and hopefully we'll all learn something from this bad experience. Thank you all for your time and help! 

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2 minutes ago, Daddy Alex said:

When you list an item at SCM, it disappears from your Inventory, this is normal.



Oh I never noticed that, I certainly feel dumb but mostly relieved. Thanks for your help! 

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