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not enough currency

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As the person said above ^^^ Keys and refined act as independent currency. Sure you may have enough overall but if the amount required isn't exact for both, it won't satisfy. For Eg. If you want to place a buy order for a hat for say 1 key 10 ref, you may have 2 keys in your bp but if you don't have the exact 10 ref the system won't take it

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I also have the same problem, I'm trying to place a buy order for an unusual but I keep getting the "not enough currency" error despite having 21 keys. I even tried to set the buy order at 1 scrap and got the same error. EDIT: The error has disappeared but it hasn't appeared in the classified ads.


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31 minutes ago, WallaWalla said:

The error has disappeared but it hasn't appeared in the classified ads.


The "not enough currency" thing got fixed a couple hours ago, it just required loading the backpack successfully (i.e. without "Using fallback" or anything else come up).


The listing not appearing in the classified ads is a separate issue. It seems creating a buy order for any specific effect doesn't pop up in the classified ads at the moment. You'll also notice that it doesn't state the effect name in the item's icon in yours, but it does for the ones you can see in the classifieds, which may be related to the issue. The only reason you can see other people's buy orders is because they made their listings before this was an issue. Don't worry, this will get fixed when the devs look into it.

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i am having this problem again and noticed that my backpack was represented by "fallback". and it hasn't been updated with the latest for 4 day.  so i checked my "show last good inventory" and i only have 4 ref.  so the problem seems to be that the backpack is not updating.  its been 4 days now, im premium. why??

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