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Isotope Leopard Printed War Paint


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well as someone who buys and sells isotope...

Quickbuyers for 27 - 30 keys depending how you read their buy orders cuz some users state they will pay a few keys more for FN.

I have an unsold minimal wear at 50 on another skin with isotope for a couple weeks. The same skin FT i sold for 41.

Since it isn't a themed skin/effect or similar color there's nothing to add there.

I did see a FN isotope skin sell on scm for ~50 keys tho rather quickly, within a week.

I've seen other FN isotope war paints go for 100, but they were desired skins with green in them.

Sooooo I would estimate probably 60-75 range. Purely based on what I've seen, not looking into sales at all


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10 hours ago, Mr Furley said:

I'd give you 50 pure

I'd take that, the war paint color is garbage and I've gotten FN hot war paints under 40k so doubt you'd get something like 60k+ pure in less than few weeks from isotope.

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