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Tier List of the New Effects?

The Walking Wingull

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Title. So for me it would go:


- The moons (not as big a fan of the pink variant)


The Rings

Better cauldron bubbles (orange not as much but still)




Omniscient Orb



The moons are probably my favorite effects in the game right now as they look a lot like nebula but in my opinion a bit better.


The rings are better then I first thought giving me the same sort of vibe that the darkblaze effects give.


Better cauldron bubbles reminds me of anti-freeze and stuff but a bit toned down and with bubbles so it's a pass from me.


Clairvoyance is meh. I saw someone combo it with nebula and that looked cool but even then it was clipping. at least it's unique.


Omniscient orb is honestly the worst by FAR for me. it's way smaller then it has any right being considering how big bonzo is. If they increases the size a bit and add more fog  then maybe.

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id put the rings all the way down with omniscient but i think the rest is fair. Tbh i really like the brain drain etc effects and the moons are nice too

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I would agree if the rings was just the ring of fire. Ring of fire is way better than the purple and white one, those 2 are in the same trash as orb.


The orb and clair are 3x in the effect list so theyre the most unboxed and lowest tier. (its not a bug, all other effects have 3x as well but different colors/names)

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All personal preference. For example, this is what i think about those:



1 - Obviously the moons


2  - Clairvoyance 


3 - The bubble stuff


4 - Orb


5 - Rings



Here's why it's the way it is for me:


The moons. They look damn gorgeous. And yeah, as people said, it kind of is the better nebula effect (thought not as big)


Clairvoyance. It's a bloody shiny eye above your head, how can you not like it


Bubble effect. Recoloured cauldron bubbles with more body parts coming out of it, and also it goes really fast. Not bad, but far from the best


The orb. Looks a bit out of place with the style it's drawn, doesnt fit the already fucked up artstyle of the one and only, the hat simulator


Rings. I dont really know how someone saw the blaze effects there. To me it's just bigger and cleaner hat protector effects. And those are pretty bad looking effects

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My personal list



  • Omniscient Orb
  • Clairvoyant

These are "centerpiece" effects, meaning they look great by themselves or when combined with some other effect. They're well made, the colors are nice, they blend with a lot of other effects, they're very noticeable in-game, and they don't seem to reuse existing particle effects in the game's files. Omniscient Orb is slightly higher than Clairvoyant, imo, because the rotation of Halloween maps in the crystal ball is really unlike any other effect. They also don't seem to unbox as often as the other effects based on what I've seen via SCM.



  • Eldritch Opening
  • Galactic Gateway
  • Dark Doorway

To put it simply these effects resemble another high-tier effect (Nebula) with some added frills, like stars and a crescent moon. The difference is these effects aren't anywhere near as rare (at least not right now) and come in plenty more colors, rather than Nebula's single rainbow-like blend, which means more cohesive combinations with other effects. They also look a lot like a horse's ass, which is bound to get some traction (i.e.: guaranteed buyers) within a certain TF2 sub-community.



  • Brain Drain
  • Head of Steam
  • Open Mind

I don't like recolors, I don't like effects that reuse in-game particle effects, and yet I love Cauldron Bubbles. What's wrong with me? These effects are basically Cauldron Bubbles 2.0, coming in new & exciting colors with the added perk of constantly vomiting bones+slime in a narrow spout. I personally unboxed the tub girl recolor (orange) and, despite ranking them all so low, I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks in-game. I would also argue they create some of the more interesting combos out of any Scream Fortress 2018 effect.



None. There's not anything I'd be unhappy to unbox this update, which is a nice surprise.


EDIT: I completely forgot the ring effects even exist, so I guess those would be low tier.


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Mid-high tier:

  • The moons

Not great but not bad. In my opinion it Looks like Nebula + C.moon + Miami Nights had a retarded baby.


Low-mid tier:

  • The Rings

I like the glowing ring (better than hat protector effects) but I despise the junk inside of them.


Low tier:

  • Clairvoyance

An eye. Very cool. Seems kinda out of place.


Literal Trash tier:

  • Cauldron Bubbles 2.0
  • Omniscient Orb

C.bubbles 2.0 is worse than the original effect. The speed of the effect is way too high and has garbage flying around. Original C.Bubbles is way better.

Orb is extremely boring and seems out of place.


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My take: 


-Top Tier (Moons

Dark Doorway (dark purple) > Galactic (blue)


-High to Mid-Tier (Clairvoyance)

A super unique and flashy effect, doesn’t combo particularly well as it clips but I expect this to be prices quite high, especially when considering how few of these will actually be unboxed when compared to other effects.


-Low Tier (Bubbles, Omniscient Orb)

Bubbles is much flashier and a direct upgrade to cauldron bubbles really. Sadly do to numerous color reskins, this will be unboxed a ton and will be worth very little in an oversaturated market. 


Omniscient will sell for a decent price while the hype lasts, and it is harder to unbox compared to other effects. Considering how bland and unnoticeable the effect is, it’ll definitely drop in the future. 


-Garbage Tier (Rings)


All rings. Not only do they look absolutely disgusting, they will be so many of them they’ll essentially become the new nuts and bolts. While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, there isn’t literally no reason to take this over the invasion effects and of course the portal effects. 

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20 hours ago, R3SP4WN said:

Omniscient will sell for a decent price while the hype lasts, and it is harder to unbox compared to other effects. Considering how bland and unnoticeable the effect is, it’ll definitely drop in the future. 


Orb has been called unnoticeable and I don't agree. In-game you can tell it's there and what it is pretty much 100% of the time. I recorded this just to demonstrate (even with Youtube lowering the quality you can see it pretty clearly.)

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