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Problems while using bp.tf site *not only item trading but more*

T-J Rex

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Well recently i found out that backpack.tf doesnt update my inventory for atleast 10 days for now and sometimes it wont even open the profile , it kinda "hurts" me because i need to know my inventory's price or something's price , but i cant check it , so im here to check if someones has the same problem as me , if there someone that knows any solution or has the same problem contact me in my steam profile [T-J Rex | ] 

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Everyone is having the same issue since the scream fortress update

The steam API is having a LOT of issues because of it, its the same after every update

https://steamstat.us/ image.png.c4c6a0c3fafa04fa94abbaa209c9d609.png

if its not stable at 'normal', its very unlikely your backpack will update

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2 hours ago, RaySzop said:

Isnt it wrong topic for that...?


"Item trading forum" ~ edit

Yes, i've moved it


3 hours ago, Stardestroyer301 said:

But when will it update, it's the same with my inventory

Only steam knows when it'll work again, all we can do is wait

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