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I created a 24/7 ULTIMATE 2fort server...


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I would like to inform all of you that i created a Ultimate 2fort server! And I really need players to start up.

The server now contains many versions of 2fort, incluing:

Snowy 2fort

Rainy 2fort

Night 2fort

Beta 2fort

and MORE!!


also the server has installed level up plugin to increase the competition between players!

and i will be re-balancing tf2 weapons for better gameplay

also, no respawn time!


My server's IP is

Feel free to come and enjoy this ultimate compilation of TF2 2fort!

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5 minutes ago, Adolf Storms said:

How 2 level up strange invis watch when u don't play spy lol


Sounds fun tho in all seriousness. Going to have to check it out

Thank you for your support. The server is also hiring Admins and need more players, perhaps you can invite your friends to this server to extend the community?

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12 minutes ago, Snizzle said:

hey this looks pretty cool. will have to give it a go.

I appreciate your support :) I really need players to start up my server. So please recommend this server to your friends :)

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