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Allow refined metal to be valued with more than a three digit number


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Current key prices range from 1.8$ to 1.6$, this corresponds to a value of refined that varies from 0.045$ to 0.04$


If someone were to put a valid suggestion for refined for that range now, the 0.045$ would be rounded to 0.05$.

Since backpack.tf uses refined's value to price everything from items to inventory, refined value needs to be as accurate as we can make it.


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I would like to bump this, refined currently suggests keys are worth 1.6$ in cash it should be allowed to go to a 4 or 5 digit number

If in current markets keys are 1.8 ref should be 0.045$ at 1.75 it should be 0.04375$ that or you could move the money to cents so decimals could be better accommodated 

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