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Safe to trade?


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Got a trade request from this person in a trade server to sell his unusual. As much as I don't like to accuse, has a few qualities of a scammer alt, due to backpack spikes, low steam level & game time hidden, etc.

Has some rep on backpack, would you all say its safe to trade with him?

I know, probably an obvious answer that its safe to trade, just wanted to double check and protect myself.





EDIT: After adding just saw he had 3.3k hrs in the game.

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tl;dr yes!


Yeah, I think it's safe; their items are not from shovelware games (y'know, those fake item scams), they don't have any visable negative records, etc. I think as far as their privacy settings go, it is the minimum for trading (backpack and profile), many high tier trader like to keep their game time/owned games etc hidden, and I think the steam level in general is an overrated 'indicator' of how someone is trust-worthy, as many good traders do not feel like spending money on badges or on the flipside scammer use high-level accounts to make you trust more, especially paypal scammers.

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