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Guide to discover Automated Trading Websites for Unusual Traders (And not only Unusual Traders)


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I am trading Unusuals for a lot of time now and I personally hate Unusual Trading Servers, so I just created this guide, since I saw that most of the guides are outdated, it's my first and I am ready to edit it for improvements. (I hope it's not useless ;-;)

Here I listed most of the websites I use, while trading and even some examples of profit. Hope it helps someone.


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Top- notch


I appreciate the fact that you've explained some aspects of certain sites!

I myself used mart a hell of a lot when I restarted trading and by now it's probably netted me close to 150 keys in profit! So it really does come down to what time you are willing to spend, atm I would say that tradeit has been pretty darn terrible and tbh it never really was tooooo good in the first place.


swap.gg is a relatively new one for me but I know of peeps that have sold some hard to sell stuffs for nice money on there

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8 minutes ago, R3SP4WN said:

Nice guide. Now all I need is a guide to get a shit load of pure....:3

Rob a bank then you will have cash to buy shit load of pure.  xD 

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