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Craziest Unusual Combos?


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So I’m a huge fan of unusual combos, and I have a Roboactive/Anti freeze, and Sunbeams/Morning glory set myself. Since I don’t have a particularly expensive backpack, I was curious as to what ridiculous combos you guys have managed to create. Combos you don’t own, but could be theoretically possible work as well. Whoever gets the most likes on their post will receive 15 ref. Good luck!


My entry:

Unusual Universal Translator (Nebula)

Unusual Universal Trabslator (Nebula)

Unusual Corona Australis (Nebula) [glitch misc]



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vivid plasma and sunbeams, Nebula and spellbound, green and purple energy and disco beat down, disco beat down and miami night, arcana and green energy

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14 minutes ago, R3SP4WN said:

If possible add the names of the unusuals themselves, not just the effect. Also screenshots would be ultra dope as well!

Just check them for yourself on loadout.tf

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sunbeams, morning glory + blizzardy triple combo looks insane. so much white, so much sunbeams / gold (u can sub in vivid plasma for the beams and it doesn't change it too much). it's like seeing an angel appear

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43 minutes ago, CAaronD said:

I don’t mean to showoff, but :





I honestly don’t get people who spend 30 keys extra on something like a massed flies tc. Honestly makes the hat look WORSE :0

Replace the ke with the gibus in your set though and it might be nice :3

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-Anti Freeze

-Green Energy





-Vivid Plasma





-Tesla Coil

-Searing Plasma

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Morning Glory and searing plasma and frostbite. Align the searing plasma directly over the rising sun, and have the frostbite just beneath the cloud. Still, in my opinion the best triple effect possible.


Other good triples:

GE + PE + Subatomic


Starstorm slumber (the purple one), + Darkblaze + Nebula


Haunted phantasm Jr ( the green one) + Starstorm insomnia ( the green one) + haunted ghosts


Arcana + GE + Abduction


Darkblaze + ghastly ghosts jr, + Starstorm slumber


Steaming + frostbite + blizzardy storm just looks like a giant cotton ball but is pretty sick.

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Party night


-Miami Nights

-DBD (Disco beat down)

-DBD (Death by disco)


Time of the day


-Cloudy Moon

[email protected]

-Morning Glory





-orbiting planets

-neutron star


Skull Lord


-Stormy 13th Hour

-It's a secret to everybody

-Misty SKull


Skull Lord (2)


-DBD (Death by Disco)

-Misty Skull

-Stormy 13th Hour/It's a secret to everybody

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These are the only combo sets I was able to put together while trading for a few years. (keep in mind I was trading for profit, so rarely did I keep something or seek out something. These combos just happened to land in my backpack)

1. RA+Spellbound


2. DBD + Spellbound                                                                3. O. Fire + Burning + Lantern

e612579e3f41fbae073ac6adf42568f5.png                 4cc48d0ec7baf69b0296df8bc77e51ac.png

4. Planets + Nebula (shitty hat/misc combo, I know. But the effects look cool together)                                                                                   5. KaW (ew, I know) + Electrostatic + Mega Strike + Daffodil Cerebral Pro KS

b7eaa721f8f16a8408a7a1b3357cfd09.png          33cabeff64f93b7bf0d9e34f46f52eba.png


Extra: heres a cool screenshot I found of me with some dudes on vatican. Im the demonflame KE



I have had lots of cool unusuals that I paired with matching killstreakers, taunts, and other weapons in the past, but these are the only unusual effect combos I ever got to have!

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Darkblaze + Spellbound (Adjust the effect so the two circles overlay)

Or even better,

Darkblaze + Hellfire + Spellbound

(makes the portals pink)



Hellfire + Burning Flames



Chiroptera Venenata (green bat) + Scorching Flames



Another cool one is Frostbite + Morning Glory



Triple bats is still probably the best though, tbh.

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Lowkey (haha) broke, so I used Loadout.tf:

This is Spellbound, Ancient Eldrich, and Amaranthine, and the items all have the Chromatic Corruption spell on them (probably can use Noble Hatter's Violet, I just thought the spell looked cooler).


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