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Less For Dupes...


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Hello There.


I just want to know if Im doing an buy order... Do I need to say that in description? I mean "Less for Dupes".


I have read Rules and I wasnt able to find anything about that. But I found I can pay less for Dupes... but Still... It doesnt not show if I need to type it or not... and is there specific "%" how much less I need to pay?

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1 minute ago, Adolf Storms said:

put it in the ad. otherwise some wise-ass will report u for not accepting the offer.

% is up to you

Well Thanks for Info. I will probably pay the same price for dupes as for normal ones instead of wasting ~20-30 letters in my ad. (because Im using bold scripted text or how it was named)

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You don't "have" to put it in your description, but it helps a lot to prevent confusion and unnecessary reports.


A little bit of it is in the rules, even tho its under the generic buy order point, it counts for all buy orders of course: https://backpack.tf/rules

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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