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Allow selection of whole backpack except a certain colour tag


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So when you select your whole backpack by pressing "select" you should be able to have an option to de-select all certain colour tags, e.g. whole backpack except red tags.


So you could easily go from this and having to manually press all the red tags




To it doing it for you




Now you might be like "Why don't you just press and deselect the red tags", because this is a small sample size. I only did the first 4 rows, it's annoying to have to go do it everytime I want to calculate what I'm selling in my bps, also be nice to select multiple e.g. red and green possibly.




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Yea small yet cool feature that could be added.. but i dont really think that it'll change things  a Lot though.. but nevertheless it couldbe useful to a person viewing his or her own bp

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