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Looking for help for a trade, new to trading.


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Hello, I'm kinda new to all this trading stuff and I've been scrap and hat banking all day long so I made a little ref, but a random user on Steam just send me a trade offer and I need help to know the prices D: He offers me a painted Polar Bear Hat and a painted Scattergun

"Polar bear: Orange Mann Co." and "Iron Wood Mk.II Scattergun"

He claims that the polar bear sells for 5 ref on backpack (which at the moment is at 2.1ref) but I can't find the Scattergun, and I don't know if the paint alters the price, what should I do?

Sorry for the inconvenience, I just couldn't find any other place to ask this. Good night.

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Unless you're dealing with one of the main colors (Black, White, Lime, Pink, Team Colors), people, by and large, don't pay extra for paint. You can eventually sell it for a bit more, but it can take quite a bit of time to sell (especially as it's a lower-tier heavy hat). As for skins, you'll want to use SCM sales for reference. That Scattergun sells for around 10-12 cents, so you're looking at about 2 refined tops for it.



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Thanks for the help and tips, I decided to refuse the offer, the backpack prices he claimed their items were selling for were taken from the steam market and converted to ref, the market pricing for U.S. and Mex. varies since U.S. users have a 0.03 cents limit and we have just a 10% fee with a limit of 0.01 MXN (which is much less) so I better stay away from skin pricing for now.

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