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How much is my weapon worth?


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I received a Strange Pro Killstreak Nutcracker minimal wear scattergun from a giveaway
I would like to know how much this is worth because it says it is worth ≈ 1 key (Which I know it is not)

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To shed a bit of light as to why bp.tf is showing 1 key as the value, it's because there are no recent sales of that exact variant on the scm, so the price of the base version (i.e. non-festivized, non-killstreak) is displayed instead. The reason for that is when it comes to those types of items, there are common scams where the scammer takes a skin/killstreak/festive combo with no listings, then puts some up on the SCM for a large price and tries to trick other people into thinking that's how much it's worth, thus conning them out of their items.

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Found his bp:

Strange Festivized Professional Killstreak Nutcracker Scattergun (Minimal Wear)

Item Details
Level 1 Scattergun (Minimal Wear) - 10 Kills
Strange Stat Clock Attached
Custom Name: PLNY
Killstreaker: Tornado
Sheen: Hot Rod
Custom Description: Dollary i Funty
Origin: Contract Completion Reward
Parts Attached
Heavies Killed (1) ~10.88–11 ref
Damage Dealt (2,913) ~3.45–3.75 keys
Medics Killed (0) ~0.9–1 keys
Suggested Values
Steam Market: $0.95 (14.11 ref, $0.78)
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